Hawaii is one of those destinations that most people picture as perfection, paradise, and an earth-based heaven. When you do a little research into it, it’s no wonder that people picture this US state in this way, it literally is perfection!

When visiting the Big Island, renting one of the Big Island villas is certainly one of the most laid-back ways to enjoy your time, and there are countless locations where you can choose to base yourself during your stay.

First things first though, let’s talk a little about this large and charming island, and explore it in a bit more detail.

The Island of Hawaii is the official name, but because Hawaii is made up of several islands, to avoid confusion it has been called the Big Island. The name suggests that this is the biggest island in the archipelago, and that is true, because it covers over half of the total land amount of the entire state. It’s worth remembering that Hawaii is part of the USA, and isn’t a country in its own right. This means that anyone visiting needs to look into USA visa entry rules according to their own country of origin. For many, this will be applying for an online visa, e.g. the ESTA, so check whether your country is part of this arrangement. If not, it may be that you need to apply for a more formal visa, which can be time-consuming, so do this ahead of time.

Officialities aside, the Big Island is special in many ways. Not only is it large and stunningly beautiful, but it is much more about nature than any of the other islands are. The Big Island is home to the largest volcano in the world which is currently active, held within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is a sight to behold, and a helicopter ride over the park is one of the most iconic things you can do during your stay. On top of this, the island is also home to the largest mountain on the planet in terms of volume, called Mauna Loa, and also the tallest mountain on the planet, when measured from the sea base to the peak, called Mauna Kea. These are all pretty amazing sights to check out!

Of course, and island of this side has various destinations within it, so you need to explore these in order to find the best place for you. The eastern part of the island is called Hilo and this is on the Windward coast. This part of the island has more rain than the other parts, and because of that you will notice a change in the scenic landscape as you move across it. The black volcanic sand gives away to lush green vegetation and rainforests, with many waterfalls, as you move along, and this is a beautiful sight to see.

On the opposite side of the island, in the west, you will find less rain. This part of the island is called Kona, and this is where there are many water-based activities to enjoy. Whilst Hawaii is known for its surfing, the Big Island doesn’t have the biggest waves in the archipelago, so it is ideal for anyone who wants to learn this skill with less in the way of impact! There are also dolphin and whale watching opportunities here, and fantastic snorkelling conditions too.

Kohala is in the north-west and this is where you will find plentiful luxury resorts to enjoy. There are some fantastic golf courses here too, so if you’re a golf enthusiast, or you want to totally kick back and relax in luxurious surroundings, this is the part of the island for you! In the north east you will find a more natural vibe, namely Hamakua. Take a helicopter tour over the Waipi’o Valley to check out the amazing scenery, or head out on a day hike if you’re feeling energetic.

Finally, we have Puna. This is a part of the island which has newly formed volcanic landscapes to check out, thanks to an eruption a few years ago. This is certainly something quite special to see for yourself, despite the fact that this is a more remote part to visit. The ever-changing landscapes are breath-taking.

If you’re torn between the various Hawaiian islands, it’s definitely worth doing some research into all of them, to make sure you’re heading towards the right decision. Having said that, the Big Island is certainly the most dramatic in terms of Mother Nature’s might. The huge volcanoes you will see in the national park are something that you simply cannot miss, and if you’re into nature in even the slightest, you’ll find a landscape that will call out to your interest and awe without having to look too far. Of course, there are plentiful vacation activities to enjoy too, such as learning to surf, snorkel, walking, horse-back riding, shopping, nightlife, golf, and learning all about Hawaiian culture too, which makes the Big Island the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their time, without mass tourism.

Despite the fact that Hawaii overall is one of those bucket list destinations, the costs of visiting are much lower than they have been in the past. This is fantastic news for anyone who is wanting to make their dream a very real reality, with much more opportunity than ever before.