Your carry-on bag is basically your survival pack for your flight, regardless of how long you are in the air for. It should contain everything to make your flight more comfortable, entertain you throughout, and also have a few ‘just in case’ items in there too.

If you’re always forgetting something important when it comes to packing your carry-on bag, instead being too distracted with the task of packing your actual suitcase, here are ten items you should absolutely have in that bag.

Passport – Goes without saying really! Check, double check, and triple check you have your passport, and make sure it is in a safe part of your bag, preferably another compartment, so you’re not pulling everything out of your bag when you’re trying to find it at that specific moment.

Chargers – Now, this could simply be for your phone, or it could be for all your technical gadgets, but whatever it is, make sure you pack it! It’s always a good idea to purchase a universal charger if at all possible, or one with several different attachments on one, to save space. Of course, you may also need to pack a travel adapter too.

Cash – This is a no brainer, but it’s one of the most important items! Remember your currency, in whatever domination you’re taking it with you, but do remember not to travel with large amounts of cash. Instead, look at ways you can carry it safely in a different way, such as by using your debit card overseas, or using a pre-paid travel card.

Tablet/Kindle – Hours of entertainment at your fingertips! Load it up with games, apps, books, and movies, and charge it right up. You could consider buying a back-up battery charger too, just in case it runs out halfway through a long-haul flight.

Lip balm – This is one for the guys out there too! Air conditioning on a plane can seriously dehydrate not only your skin, but also your lips. How many times have you got off the plane thinking your lips feel like sandpaper? Take a lip balm for those dry lip moments.

Thick socks – Seriously, how cold can it get on a plane? Having cold feet is the worst feeling for me, so I always take a pair of thick socks with me for comfort. You need to be comfortable when you’re traveling, it simply makes time pass much quicker!

Paracetamol – There is always the mid-flight headache to deal with, so take some painkillers to counteract it and you should have a much more comfortable flight as a result.

Sweets for take-off and landing – Popping ears are not pleasant, but sucking a boiled sweet is a good way to help avoid it as much as possible. Of course, you can always munch on them through the flight too!

Neck pillow – If you want to sleep during your flight, there is no more annoying feeling than not being able to get your head comfortable, and then you get the resultant neck pain. You can cheaply buy a neck pillow for your flight, which rolls up small enough for your carry-on bag.

Earphones – Finally, for music, films, or for the annoying sounds on your game apps, remember to take your earphones; not everyone wants to hear what you’re listening to!

Now, of course there are countless other bits and bobs you could take in your carry-on bag, to make your flight more comfortable, but as a general rule, these are ten of the most important.

Photo Credit: Jason Matthews