Visiting a far-flung destination should always be done with planning in mind. If you don’t tick off the boxes that need to be ticked, then that means you run the risk of avoiding a part of the region that really should be explored! The whole point of going somewhere different is to do something different in the process. How can you do that? A good starting point is in how you’re going to explore it.

You could move around the region in many different ways, but have you given much thought to one of the many motorcycle tours on offer? You can explore most regions of the world in this way, but how about doing it on the back of a vintage motorcycle? Even better!

You don’t need a huge amount of motorcycle experience to enjoy this kind of tour, but the major plus point is that your tour is pre-designed by someone with expert knowledge, so you can rest assured that you’re seeing all the highlights, and in the easiest and most fulfilling possible way too!

Motorcycle tours in Mongolia is becoming very popular, and when you do a little research into what there is to see in this beautiful country, it’s no surprise that more and more people are venturing off to explore in this way. The capital, and the usual starting point, is Ulaanbaatar, and this is also within easy reach of the most popular area for tourism too, Arkhangai. Starting in this point means you get to tick off a lot of sights from the get-go, but there is plenty more to see as you go further afield, perhaps into Western Mongolia, with Lake Uvs Nuur and the Tavan Bodg Mountains, and their seriously impressive natural beauty. The town of Erdenet is where you will find copper mines which are measured to be the biggest in the world, and then we have the Gobi region, which is desert and seriously wild.

The best way to see Mongolia is undoubtedly in freedom, and that puts motorcycle riding right at the top of the list. The passing landscapes are breath-taking, and with the unique culture at your fingertips, this two-wheeled adventure is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives, at the very least!

These types of tours are also available in many other parts of the world, so once you have completed one tour, you will probably want to explore somewhere else next!