Cities are usually fast paced places which are certainly not the best choices for anyone who wants to relax! Of course, this is good if you’re wanting a destination which is frenetic, fun, and always showing you something different, but what if you want a little middle ground?

San Diego is a great choice of city for anyone who wants all the perks of being in a large urban sprawl, but also for those searching for a slower pace of life, perhaps even described as laid back.

Located on the Pacific Ocean coastline in glittering Southern California, there is scenery at every glance, as well as being packed with history, fantastic nightlife, shopping, culture, and beaches. San Diego is also famous for being one of the land border crossing areas into Mexico, and there is a lot of Mexican culture on offer here too, which you would expect from a city that is very close to the Mexican city of Tijuana.

Getting around the city isn’t difficult, because the laid back vibe extends to its public transport too, but if you want to really get into the chilled out way of life, how about upping the ante a little and hiring a limo to take you from the airport to your hotel? This isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you might be thinking, and it certainly starts your break in the right manner! Can you imagine the envious glances?

The districts of San Diego are all subtly different in their own right, so it’s definitely a must do to try and get around a few of them. Downtown is obviously where the main tourist attractions and nightlife options are located, as well as the site of many hotels too. Having said that, Balboa Park should certainly be on your visit list. This is the second largest urban park on the planet, and it is home to the world famous San Diego Zoo, as well as plenty of museums and space to roam. Hillcrest is just a stone’s throw from the park and has plenty to keep everyone occupied too.

For some Mexican culture, you should be heading to Old Town. This is quite a touristic area, but it is certainly a wonderful blend between USA culture and Mexican vibes too.

Throughout all of this however, you are on the glittering Pacific Ocean coastline so of course you want to head to the beach! Point Loma and Ocean Beach are very picturesque and laid back, whereas Pacific Beach is one of the more busy options, as well as being the home of Sea World.

This is just a very brief overview of what San Diego has to offer, and there is plenty more besides!