Time away from the boring hum-drum of work and daily life means you can kick back and relax, or perhaps kick your heels up and party!

Because of the precious nature of our vacation time, it’s important to grab every second and pull out all the stops to make every tick of the clock count. How you make it count is really personal, in terms of what you do with it, but how to make the most of it is something that can be learnt.

Be clever with your time off work

When planning when to ask for vacation time, take into account weekends and public holidays, in order to get the most out of your annual leave. For instance, if you don’t regularly work on the weekends or public holidays, plan to go away during that time, because that way you get extra time away from home, but you only put in a minimal amount of days off from your work holiday allowance. Every day counts here!

Plan a little/do your research

If there are things you really want to see from the destination you’re heading to, then it’s important to at least plan ahead a little. I’m not suggesting you get the clipboard out and plan a rigid itinerary, but it’s important to look at when things are closed at the very least, so you’re not wasting your precious vacation time. Equally, you don’t want to be getting up in the mornings and wandering around aimlessly whilst you try and decide what to do and where to go; a little planning works wonders.

On top of this, research into costs and how to get to places will also save you time.

See if you can put several destination into one break, e.g. a cruise

If you’re keen to see a region overall, but you don’t have the time to travel round on your own steam, e.g. by train or car for example, why not consider a cruise? The bonus to a cruise is that you get to see bite-size pieces of a region without putting in any effort, and that in itself is getting the most out of one particular vacation.

Budget your money so you can see more

Cash has to come into it, otherwise you’re going to be sat in your hotel room not able to go out because you ran out of cash early. Be a little frugal, especially at the beginning of your vacation, so you know your money is going to last you for the duration. Any major trips or spending, save towards the end of your time away, to make it all stretch.

Put down the phone! Forget the emails!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in order to enjoy your vacation time as much as possible, you have to immerse yourself in it fully. Forget work, you’re not there and there’s nothing you can do, forget Facebook unless it’s to keep in touch occasionally back home, and Twitter can wait. Take the time to look at what is around you and you will certainly get the most out of your vacation time, and then some.

Photo Credit: GotCredit