A road trip is one of the most iconic journeys you can ever take – think about it, the wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road, nothing but amazing sights in front of you; it’s no wonder that more and more of us are choosing to follow prescribed routes and visit several different places during one holiday, rather than head to one place and explore it completely.

Of course, how you get around is important, and renting a motor home is a good way to do that. This way, you get the comfort of home, almost like the comfort of a hotel, but you’re on the go, giving you that freedom we were just talking about. Simply shop around for your requirements and dates, but remember to cover yourself in terms of insurance too.

Technicalities out of the way, the fun part begins when you plan your trip and then head off onto the open road. Australia is one of the world’s best places for road tripping, and when you think about the sheer number of routes you can take, such as the Pacific Coast Touring Route, the Great Ocean Road, the Great Southern Touring Route, or the Gibb River Road, to name just a few. I personally took the epic Red Centre Way, and believe me, this was an adventure of a true lifetime!

Shunning beach life for the Red Centre was a decision we made because we simply wanted to see something truly different and iconic, something we wouldn’t see anywhere else. The route took us from Alice Springs, a wonderful city in its own right, through the huge West MacDonnell Range National Park, where we swam in the wonderfully warm waters of Glen Helen Gorge, amazed at the soaring mountain scenery around us, before heading to King’s Canyon, and testing out our fitness as we climbed to the top; this isn’t a particularly heavy going route, but in the heat it felt like it!

Of course, this part of the country is steeped in Aboriginal culture, and learning more about Dreamtime and the legends around it really are a must do – this is what gives this particular road trip an edge like no other; you’re not going to get this anywhere else! On top of this, you have the legendary and world famous Ayres Rock to visit, better known as Uluru in this part of the world. The sunrise is like nothing you have ever seen before, as various hues of red take over your vision, and if you want to take it a step further, how about a camel ride around it? Again, an experience you’re not going to find anywhere else!

This road trip is packed with sights to see, and it’s hard to really describe them all. The idyllic pools at the Garden of Eden were a true highlight, swimming to take away the strains of driving, and again, Uluru was the real highlight of the adventure we had, which took about six days to complete, having stopped off a few times on the way.

Put simply, if you want an adventure of a lifetime, a break which will give you one of the best overviews of the country, or at least a small part of it, then a road trip is the only way to go.