Beaches and cities are fantastic places to visit during a travel excursion, whether it’s a backpacking adventure or a land-based holiday, but occasionally you might start yearning for something a little different. Perhaps lying on a beach gets a little tiresome, or traipsing around markets makes you yawn after a while; if that sounds like your predicament, you need to find a destination which has much more in the way of variety, whilst keeping your attention with jaw-dropping sights and experiences.

The world is packed with such places if you take the time to explore, and one destination which more and more people are enjoying is Costa Rica.

Trips to Costa Rica are much more commonplace these days, with this Central American country much more accessible than it ever used to be. San Jose, the capital, is a bustling and vibrant city to visit, however most travellers to this part of the world tend to head to the more naturally beautiful destinations on offer. Costa Rica is very popular for nature and eco-travel, and that is probably because around 5% of the world’s biodiversity is found here, with almost one quarter of the country’s landmass being either a national park or a protected area. There are many species of endemic flora and fauna to be found in these areas, as well as intriguing and interesting species of wildlife.

It doesn’t hurt that Costa Rica’s beaches are also like something from a castaway picture postcard, rivalling the Caribbean islands for beauty.

The Central Pacific region is where most of the touristic destinations are based, and here you will also find some of those aforementioned national parks to explore. In addition, Guanacaste is another popular spot, with some of the best surfing conditions you will find. Costa Rica’s northern region is quite remote, however Quesada is a city which should certainly be visited, close to the country’s famous active volcano, Arenal, and many hot springs.

Costa Rica’s main tourist resorts are lively but not raucous, which keeps the natural, laid-back vibe in place. If you head to the Caribbean coastal resorts you will find those stunning beaches, with plentiful surfing and diving opportunities, as well as being able to visit Puerto Limon, which is a vibrant and colourful city in this region. If however you want to venture further afield, why not try the remote beaches of the South Pacific region? Here you will find more nature than anywhere else, with some strange and interesting flora and fauna, as well as tropical beaches that are extremely quiet, and blindingly beautiful to the eye.

The major bonus about visiting Costa Rica at this time is that it is still not yet really on the travel map as a hugely popular destination, however that status is surely not going to last for long. Mass tourism is not really in place yet, although along the Caribbean coastline you will see hints of it emerging. If you want to catch Costa Rica before it everyone else does, then now is the time. In terms of eco travel, this is something you must do, as nowhere else on the planet, perhaps with the exception of the Amazon, has wildlife and landscapes which are as diverse and strange as here. The jungles, forests, rivers, and volcanic attractions are startling, especially in the far north and south of the country. Those who are heading to view the imposing Arenal volcano should certainly do a little nature trekking at the same time, and if you are heading to the far south, make sure you take a little time away from those amazing beaches to check out the wildlife and flora and fauna which is practically everywhere you look.

Catch it before everyone else does, this is one country which will blow your mind!