If you’re lucky enough to be considering where to spend your retirement years, then you have endless choices. The decision will be a difficult one to make, there’s no doubt about that, and there are many considerations which have to go into it, such as healthcare proximity and cost, property prices, communication issues, as well as social considerations, including how many other expats there are currently residing in the place you’re looking at. On top of that however, it’s always good to have something a little interesting nearby, such as a certain vibe in the air, a tourist attraction perhaps, or simply just a quirk about a place which makes it stand out.

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider these five destinations, and see if any jump out at you.


A huge amount of expats have relocated to Portugal, so that has to speak volumes. Basically, Portugal has a chilled-out atmosphere about it, as well as having wonderful weather regardless of the month. You can choose to be city-based, or head to the Algarve and enjoy the scenic views as you open your curtains every single day. On top of this, it’s easy to get around, and you can get out to other neighbouring European countries very easily indeed. Healthcare is good quality in Portugal, and it’s very cheap in terms of cost of living too.


Come on, who doesn’t dream of relocating to the paradise of Barbados? We don’t need to talk about interesting facts to make this dream island appealing, and the fact that the sun shines pretty much all the time, with an average yearly temperature of 26°C, doesn’t hurt at all! Barbados is a Commonwealth island, so it is English speaking, you’ll find countless friendly locals, as well as a huge expat community to mingle with. With low cost healthcare too – this is basically a slice of retirement heaven.


Thailand isn’t all about backpacking and full moon parties, and the large amount of expats who have relocated there stand to prove that fact. You can choose bustling cities or you can choose peace and serenity, it’s all about personal choice. The soaring mountains, lush, green landscapes, and blinding beaches really speak for themselves, with a totally different way of life making it certainly very interesting indeed. If you want to live your retirement years surrounded by culture then this is for you.


You might not have considered Morocco, but interestingly (there’s that word again), it is becoming increasingly popular as a retirement destination. This is another which is cultural, and Marrakesh and Casablanca are two of the most popular cities to base yourself in your retirement years. You can expect a wonderful climate all year around, a world away from the grey skies and rain you might be used to back home, as well as a host of natural wonders all around you.


Waking up to the Caribbean sunshine every morning is many people’s dream, and this laid-back, welcoming island will certainly do that for you. Jamaica is about more than just beaches and reggae, although surrounding yourself with that every day will certainly do wonders for your mood. The natural beauty around the island is stunning, and with a yearly average of 27°C, and low property prices, Jamaica is definitely a top choice.

How’s that for a little inspiration?

Photo Credit: mariusz kluzniak