If you’re a fan of anything Disney-related, then I’m sure you’ve considered the idea of heading off on a Disney-focused holiday; that could be going to Disney World, perhaps saying in one of the on-site hotels, or it could be that you’ve considered heading off on a Disney cruise.

Now, there are many perks to a Disney cruise, not least the fact you can be guaranteed serious fun whilst you’re floating around some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, especially those around the Caribbean, however you also need to take into account that Disney cruises are a little, shall we say, expensive.

There is the saying that you get what you pay for, but it is worth shelling out the extra to head off on a Disney cruise when you could go on a regular cruise around the same areas?

Well, it totally depends on what you want from your vacation, basically.

If you want a totally child-focused break, where the kids come first in everything, including entertainment, shore excursions, activities, food, and everything in-between, then perhaps a Disney cruise is for you. What you have to weigh up however is whether you could get the same level of family-friendliness from another cruise company with a lower price tag. The answer to that is probably no, but that’s not to say that other cruise companies don’t give a totally family-friendly answer, because many do, just not to the same degree as Disney.

There is nothing on a Disney cruise ship that isn’t focused on children, and by the end of your cruise you will have been Disney-fied to within an inch of your life. This is pure escapism from reality, heading off to your happily ever after, at least for the duration of your cruise. Can you handle this for days on end? Again, totally personal, but many can’t, and there is no break from the fairy-dust on this kind of cruise.

A Disney cruise is ideal for small kids who love the films, because you won’t have any moments where they’re crying because they’re bored, and perhaps that’s the key to it all, because you can relax as a result. You will also easily meet other families on a Disney cruise, because you won’t find groups and singles as a general rule, although obviously there may be a few Disney fans who simply want to experience a cruise of this kind – basically, there will be no raucous parties.

So, is a Disney cruise worth the extra cash?

Personally, I would say no, because you can find family-friendly cruises very easily these days, with more than enough facilities and entertainment options to keep your little ones occupied, for much less of a price tag, and a vacation is really what you make it yourself. Having said that however, if this is a once in a lifetime kind of vacation you’re heading off on, and your family are Disney mad, then I can understand why you may think about paying the extra cost.

Personal opinion on this one, but the extra cost involved in a Disney cruise means complete and utter escapism, and it’s up to you whether you consider that worthy, or whether it’s a state of mind.

Photo Credit: Peter Dedina