Your regular travel adventure is always a fun episode to enjoy, but if you want to up the glamour stakes and go all VIP for your next break, the good news is that there are many ways you can holiday like a celeb, without the price tag you might think.

Of course, this kind of break is going to cost a little more than a package holiday or a DIY flights, transfer and accommodation deal, but for the added pizzazz it’s certainly worth it!

Schofields have put together a list of accommodation you can rent around the world which is actually owned or frequented by real life celebrities. Check it out here if you fancy sleeping in the same room as Elizabeth Taylor, or you want to dip your toe in the same pool as George Clooney!

If you don’t want to stay somewhere that special, e.g. a celeb-owned home, but you do want upgraded glamour, then a five star hotel is the way forward. You will find these in most large resorts and cities, and if you are willing to pay a little more, you can easily upgrade to a suite, where you will have total and utter comfort, and often with a butler at your service! Think about it, room service with a la carte menus, packed minibars in your room, infinity pools, and perhaps even an in-bathroom Jacuzzi – bliss!

Flying is another way you can up the ante, so look at business class as a starter. You will pay a little more, but if you are flying long haul then the benefits are certainly more than worth it. Extra leg room, refreshments, even champagne, and much better in-flight entertainment await you, whilst being waited on hand and foot. You can certainly imagine a top celeb enjoying this treatment!

Of course, whilst you’re away, you need to think about activities befitting of a celeb break, so how about upgrading your theatre tickets to VIP style, or any experience you are going for, such as the London eye in the capital for example, and going VIP with that too. If you check online you will find most large attractions all have this added extra option to go one better than the regular experience, and if you are keen to go all out and have that celeb experience, then this is something you need to do! On top of this, when you are shopping, make sure you go for the personalised experience, by asking for a personal shopping – make sure you book ahead of time, to avoid disappointment; you never know, a bone fide celeb might be in the store at the same time!

Holidaying like a celeb isn’t necessarily difficult, and it doesn’t have to be that expensive if you shop around for the different facets of your break ahead of time, going for the best deals. Putting together a bespoke celeb holiday like this could be the trip of a lifetime. Of course, you might simply want to go slightly unusual in terms of where you stay, rather than totally glitz and glamour, and in that case, why not look at the different accommodation options available to you – Schofields have put together a list of the most unusual luxury places to stay, so check out the link and see if any take your fancy.