The environment is something we should all be paying major attention to these days. Humans have wreaked havoc on the planet for the last few decades, and its only now that the effects are coming to the fore, therefore raising our attention to the cause.

There are many things you can do, to do your bit to try and rewind a little of that damage, or at least preserve the planet for a little longer in a better condition, but some of them you might not even think about! Vision Direct have come up with a rather ingenious campaign, called the Buy one Plant One Campaign, which basically means whenever you buy a pair of designer glasses from their funky Oh My Woodness! Collection, you’re helping deforestation recovery efforts in Nepal, Madagascar, and Haiti.

These are some of the worst hit regions of the world, and when you think about Madagascar alone, this is a country which is home to some of the most weird and wonderful indigenous wildlife, flora and fauna. When it is gone, it is literally gone for good, so every effort should be put into protecting it for future generations to enjoy, and for the planet’s benefit.vision2

These glasses are not only seriously fashionable, but they also tick your vision needs, and you can browse the collection online, from the comfort of your armchair. Not only will you know that you have done your bit, with a tree planted in one of these deforestation-hit countries, but you will also look pretty good as a result too!

Looking after your vision is as important as looking after the planet, of course. Eyes are precious, and for that reason it is certainly worth looking into high quality glasses to support your visual needs for as long as you need it. Shopping around will find you the best deals, but online is certainly the place to go. Whereas once upon a time it used to be all about the High Street, nowadays more and more of us are realising the benefits of finding our top glasses choices via the World Wide Web. Of course, if you can help save the planet in the meantime, that’s all the better, and some serious karma points in the bank for you!

Check out the collection online and see if you can find a pair from the range which call out to you. With a variety of styles on offer, there is certainly something there to help you take advantage of the planet-saving benefits of this campaign.