Food glorious food?

You might not have Amsterdam on your foodie radar, but if this is the case, you’re seriously missing out on some delicious treats to try!

Every single city in the world has its delicacies, in fact every single country in the world does, but Dutch food is hearty, filling, and mouth-watering. Visitors to Amsterdam generally head to the tulips, the canals, or the Red Light District, but missing out on the many restaurants and snack bars is a big mistake.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy authentic cuisine at many of the Amsterdam is by visiting a local family and enjoying an authentic meal. This is a great way to enjoy traditions, and learn more about the way of life in the city. If you can, this is a definite must do, because it will enhance your visit to massive levels. Polenta with rabbit stew is perhaps one of the delicacies you will enjoy with a local family.

If you prefer to stick to tourist restaurants however, then you won’t be struggling for choice. Always try and remember to at least sample some local cuisine, because burgers and chips can be eaten anywhere in the world! The local food markets in the city are a great way to try new things, without it costing the earth; Albert Cuyp Markt and Noodermarkt are two notable ones to try.

Here are a few local dishes you should put on your hitlist.

Patatje oorlog – These are chips, but no ordinary chips! Smothered in mayo, sate sauce, and sautéed onions, these chips are like the daddy of chip meals, and another bonus is that this is a very cheap street food dish, one which you will find basically anywhere around the city. It’s no surprise to learn that this is the favourite post alcohol snack of party-goers around the city when the clubs close.

Poffertjes – If you have a sweet tooth, this is a snack for you! Again, this is street food which you will find in many different places across the city, and is basically small pancakes which are smothered in butter and powdered sugar – not so great for the waistline, but fantastic for the taste-buds!

Broodje haring – You might not like the sound of raw herring, but when eaten as a sandwich it’s delicious. This is a Dutch favourite, freshly caught, and something you should eat fresh from fishmonger markets.

Stamppot – You’ll find stamppot in most restaurants, and again, it’s low cost. This is basically creamy mashed potato with vegetables, accompanied by sausage. Quite inoffensive and easy to try for those who are a little picky with their food – baby steps!

These are just four of the delicious delicacies and traditional street foods you should try when you visit Amsterdam. Locals are busy people, going about their daily lives, and they tend to eat on the go, hence why street foods are so popular.

Give them a try, you might find a new favourite!

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