“Viva Las Vegas!” sang Elvis Presley, and when you visit this neon-lit madness, right in the heart of the desert, you’ll be amazed at the sights that will greet you. Nothing is too weird or wonderful for Vegas, and if you want loud and brash, you’ll find it and then some.

Of course, Vegas is just as famous for its shows as it is for its casinos and gambling fun, and over the years the Strip has seen some of the biggest names grace it, including Celine Dion for instance. Anyone who is anyone has played a Vegas show, and if you haven’t played one, well, you haven’t quite made it.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Vegas this year, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the shows on offer, however because time is precious, you’ll be wanting to look towards the best ones. Be careful with your show tickets, and never purchase on the streets, always go to the Box Office, but if you’re wanting to grab tickets to the hottest shows on the Strip, you’ll need to do it well ahead of time.

Here are four of the best and most popular shows gracing Vegas this year.

Cirque du Soleil “O”

Held at the beautiful Bellagio, it’s no wonder that Cirque du Soleil is up there with some of the best shows in the world. You will find several shows by the company across the city, however this one is simply mind-blowing. One word to describe it could be ‘magical’, however even that doesn’t do it justice. Performers rise and sink into a huge water tank, and the show itself is all about fire and water, imagery to blow your mind, and bend your brain, making you wonder how the tricks you’re seeing are real. A true stunner.


Now, this isn’t one for the faint-hearted, however if you like your shows a little on the raunchy side, then this is for you. Held at Caesar’s Palace, this cabaret/acrobatics show is held inside what is designed to look like a circus tent, with the performance taking place almost a finger’s touch away from the audience. Tightrope walkers precariously glide over your head, as you listen to what can only be described as hilarious humour with a touch of the naughty thrown in for good measure.

Elton John

We don’t really have to elaborate on this one too much, as the name speaks for itself. Performing some of his biggest tracks over the decades, together with imagery and a set that is bigger than even the songs he is singing, Elton John’s Colosseum show is one you may struggle to get tickets for; if you can, grab them with both hands!

Le Reve – The Dream

Held at the beautiful Wynn hotel, Le Reve’s latest show is something to behold. Hydro and pyrotechnics have been added to what was already an amazing set, with performances through fire to make you gasp and hold your breath. A little like Cirque du Soleil in the amazement stakes, Le Reve is certainly a popular choice of show.

If you can grab a ticket for these four hot shows on the Vegas Strip this year, you’ll be guaranteed a top night.

Photo Credit: Mike Boening Photography

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