Welcome to paradise!

When you picture paradise, the image of Fiji should be what is in your mind. Full of idyllic beaches, blinding blue sea, endless skies, white sand, and swaying palm trees, Fiji is the epitome of serenity. You might be under the impression that Fiji is expensive to visit, and whilst it’s true there are several five star, all-inclusive resorts which will stretch your budget a little, there are also countless others which are tailor-made for the budget traveller.

If you’ve never really read too much into visiting Fiji, perhaps because you falsely thought it was too expensive, then maybe it’s time you did.

This huge collection of volcanic islands sit pretty in the South Pacific Ocean, around two thirds of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand. They are a little remote, but that’s what adds to their beauty. This stunning archipelago includes 332 islands, and out of that, only 110 of them are inhabited.

Viti Levu is the largest island in the group, and the most developed and commercial. Here you will find the capital, Suva, and you should certainly dedicate a little time here. The capital is full of architecture, temples, mosques, markets, and vibrant nightlife, making it the ideal place to stock up before you continue on your Fiji exploration.

Vanua Levu is the second largest island, another good choice for tourism, as well as Taveuni. The Yasawa Islands are popular for budget travellers, especially those wanting to island hop, perhaps over to the equally as popular Mamanuca Islands, which are also easily accessible as a day trip from Nadi. The beaches here are idyllic, the surfing fantastic, and there are countless diving and snorkelling opportunities too.

The Kadavu islands are easily accessible from Viti Levu, as well as the Lomaiviti Islands. The Lau Islands are a group of smaller land masses towards the east, and the most remote has to be Rotuma.

It’s impossible to list every island and state what there is to see and do on each, as there are far too many. The best advice is to decide what your type of vacation is about – be it romance, a honeymoon perhaps, a family break, or a hopping adventure on a budget. The romantic resorts tend to be set in the more remote areas, and are generally adult-only hotels and resorts, but the main islands offer family-friendly breaks too, with plenty of attractions and facilities to keep the kids happy.

If you’re budget island hopping, then provided you’re careful with where you eat out and drink, and perhaps stick to shared taxis rather than single ones, you can easily save money and get out and see more of this beautiful region of the world, without breaking the bank.

It’s worthwhile mentioning about visa requirements, as some nationalities do need to apply for a visa ahead of time to visit Fiji; the best advice is to check online for your particular circumstances.

Fiji is beautiful, there’s no denying it, and with lower costs than ever before, perhaps it’s time you visited paradise.

Photo Credit: JD Lasica