Once upon a time, if you went on a cruise then you were one of two things – either very rich, or let’s say, a little on the older side. These days, that’s all changed, and more and more of us are heading off on a cruise to enjoy several destinations in the space of one vacation, whilst being spoilt with the perks of our cruise ship at the same time.

The great news is that the cost of cruises has fallen so much over the last few years, making it easy to pick up a jaunt around some of the most beautiful destinations in the world for much less than before. Of course, one of the most popular regions to cruise is the Caribbean, and it’s no surprise when you picture the sun-drenched islands and laid-back vibe which is synonymous with the region.

You might not have pictured the Caribbean as a place for a family vacation, not least a cruise, but there are many reasons why this is actually the perfect place and way to enjoy family time in the sun.

All inclusive

Many cruises are an all-inclusive kind of deal; obviously do check this with your particular company, but this does save money on endless soft drinks and snacks. You also know that you don’t have to budget throughout your vacation, as the important side of it is already paid for.

Each Caribbean island is different

You might be under the false assumption that each island is the same, but they all have quirks and differences which set them apart. Each island also has distinct history, and educating the kids on this can make your vacation educational, as well as fun.

The laid back vibe means fun, fun, fun

During shore excursions you will find endless family-friendly activities, such as water parks, nature walks, beach time, and water-sports to enjoy, so there’s no chance of getting bored.

You could consider a twin centre break

Because of the Caribbean’s close proximity to Florida, there is an ever growing popularity with a two centre break – that is having a week in Orlando, perhaps enjoying the theme park fun, and a week on a cruise, giving you the best of both worlds for all the family.

It’s not as expensive as you think

It obviously depends on how long you’re wanting to cruise for, but you can easily pick up a cruise out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale for much less than you may think, and when you factor in the all-inclusive element, you’re looking at a cheap family holiday if you can do it right.

Cruise ships are packed with attractions

A cruise ship is actually a floating holiday resort, and provided you pick the right company, i.e. one which is extremely family-friendly, then you’re looking at not one utterance of ‘I’m bored!’. Swimming pools, rides, shows, kids’ clubs, snack bars, entertainment – basically a cruise ship will have everything on it you need for a fun-filled vacation, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your little ones are safe and looked after too.

Basically, cruising around one of the most beautiful and shimmering destinations the world has to offer is a given regardless of who you’re travelling with, but sharing it with your family is something to behold.

Photo Credit: Charles Slang